Our California Wedding Reception!


Ben + I got to spend a week in California earlier in the month and while we were out there we got to celebrate our new marriage with all of my friends and family in California that couldn’t make it to Ohio for our wedding this past summer! I love love loved that we were fortunate enough to be able to do something like this – I’m from California and one of my biggest hesitations with having a wedding in Ohio was not being able to celebrate with everyone back home – so this reception was so amazing and wonderful! Big big big thanks to my mom and aunt for all the planning that went in to this (and an even bigger thanks for planning most of it without me – I was a little burnt out on wedding planning haha!) It turned out so beautiful and we absolutely loved it! 🙂 It was fun being able to be my own “wedding photographer” haha – but I of course had to hand over the camera to my younger sister to get some shots of Ben and I! With just a little help with exposure settings and a little direction on composition, she got some awesome shots! Not bad for her first time with a camera! (I may have a second second shooter in the making!)

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