Elgin | Maternity

The first session of 2016 was a good one! 🙂 I loved spending this chilly, afternoon with these happy parents-to-be! They’re expecting twins in March and are rightfully so excited!! And these two were troopers! – they didn’t complain about the cold (even when it started flurrying just a tad!) And isn’t that bright pink coat just the most perfect pop of color to break up a dreary winter day?! Mylene, you’re the most gorgeous mama-to-be and I can’t wait for those little ones to arrive! 🙂

Elgin-Maternity-01 Elgin-Maternity-02 Elgin-Maternity-03 Elgin-Maternity-04 Elgin-Maternity-05 Elgin-Maternity-06 Elgin-Maternity-07 Elgin-Maternity-08 Elgin-Maternity-09 Elgin-Maternity-10 Elgin-Maternity-11 Elgin-Maternity-12 Elgin-Maternity-13 Elgin-Maternity-14 Elgin-Maternity-15 Elgin-Maternity-16 Elgin-Maternity-17 Elgin-Maternity-18

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