Brittany + Kyle | Engaged


This was probably the fastest engagement session turn around ever because Brittany + Kyle are getting married THIS weekend! The two are both originally from Ohio, but met in Florida where they’ve both been living! They came up on Monday to get all their wedding stuff squared away before Saturday, so we snuck an engagement session in on Tuesday evening. I loved getting to hang out and get to know these two a little better before their big day! We spent the evening wandering North Market, Goodale Park, and the Short North. It was much more of an urban session than I normally get to do, so it was something fun and different for me and I loved the way they turned out! And the Lord must have known we were on a time crunch to get these done, because we had a such a perfect day! I’m absolutely LOVING these winter weather breaks we’ve been having – but it’s giving me major spring fever! Just a few more weeks hopefully!

Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-01 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-02 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-03 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-04 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-05 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-06 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-07 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-08 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-09 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-10 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-11 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-12 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-13 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-14 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-15 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-16 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-17 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-18 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-19 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-20 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-21 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-22 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-23 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-24 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-25 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-26 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-27 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-28 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-29 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-30 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-31 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-32 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-33 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-34 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-35 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-36 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-37 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-38 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-39 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-40 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-41 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-42 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-43 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-44 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-45 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-46 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-47 Brittany-Kyle-Engaged-48


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