Meet Copper


Meet Copper, our energetic, doesn’t-know-what-personal-space-is, giant lap dog of a fur baby! We rescued Copper from an organization in Logan, Ohio back in November, but I never got my camera out to take any decent photos of him to show him off 😉 Darn those iPhones… they’re just too convenient haha! He’s the sweetest guy, and don’t let these photos fool you – he’s not AT ALL serious haha! (Just a little unsure about that big camera in his face ha!) Those puppy eyes, though – those are the real deal. He knows I’m such a sucker for them haha. Now that I’ve officially introduced him to the world, I’m sure you’ll see a little more of him, especially if you’re following me over on instagram! 🙂

Copper-02 Copper-03 Copper-04 Copper-05 Copper-06 Copper-07 Copper-08 Copper-09 Copper-10


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