Taggie + Greg | Rustic Lodge Wedding



Oh, I just absolutely adored this wedding! It was just gorgeous. Taggie + Greg are both zoologists and met working with bears in Minnesota, which is where their bear theme comes into play! And Taggie is originally from Scotland – so elements of her Scottish heritage played a big role in their day too! I loved how unique and personal their decor and theme were to the two of them! (And what better place to get married with a bear theme than at Indian BEAR Winery?!) After the two met, they spent just 3 months together before having to do the long distance relationship thing for 2 years. After those 2 years, they spent 15 months together in Australia + China before doing the long distance thing again! Prior to the wedding, Greg was in Tennessee and Taggie was in Northern California – just miles from where I grew up (small world, right?!) – but now they’ll never have to have a long distance relationship again and as Taggie says, they’re “finally together forever!”

Taggie + Greg tied the knot out at Indian Bear Winery in Walhonding, and it was the most beautiful venue! I absolutely loved it! The inside had such a unique feel – it had the traditional lodge elements mixed in with industrial accents and my little heart was just so happy! It made for such a gorgeous backdrop for their ceremony and reception. The ceremony was held in the upstairs area of the winery and had such perfect natural light just pouring in the windows – ahhhh, it was just beautiful! And they couldn’t have had better weather for early February! The sun was shining and the high was around 50 degrees – not too shabby 😉 Also, Ben tagged along as my second shooter for the first time ever and I’m so glad he did – he came to the rescue and tied all the bow ties for the groom, groomsmen, and ushers haha! I’m going to have to add that to his official title: Ben – Official Second-Shooter and Professional Bow Tie-tyer haha!

The two had an intimate ceremony and reception surrounded by their closest friends and family. All of Taggie’s bridesmaids were her sisters and Greg’s best man was his brother! Taggie’s mom walked her down the aisle and their ceremony was just gorgeous! Everyone in attendance sang hymns and Scottish songs, and close relatives performed readings. The two walked out of the ceremony to Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book and you know my Disney-loving heart was super giddy haha! At the end of the night, Taggie + Greg and guests did some traditional Scottish dancing, and guys – we totally need something like this at American weddings. There was so much joy in the room and it was just so so fun! Both the Scottish and the American guests joined in and it was such a beautiful thing – what a perfect way to unite two families together! I think I had a smile on my face the whole time I photographed it – so naturally Ben + I joined in and learned a little bit ourselves! We’re not in any way shape or form experts, but it was such a blast – I think I need to go to another Scottish wedding just to do more dancing haha!

Congrats, Taggie + Greg! We loved being part of your special day! 🙂


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