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Oh, how I love you California. I definitely feel like I took it for granted living in such a beautiful state my whole life, now anytime I get to go home it’s like the most wonderful thing in the world! I mean, orchard trees start blooming in late February and the trees already have leaves by early March. Ohio, step up your game please. We managed to squeeze quite a bit into our short week there – hiking, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, a couple styled shoots and a mini-family session with my own family! It seemed like we saw a little of every bit of California, the beach, mountains, valley, and desert. Well, I found a cactus one day, so we’ll just call that the desert 😛 I was anticipating 7 days of nothing but sunshine, but it seems like I just always bring the rain with me haha! We had a couple gorgeous days and some off-and-on rainy days for the rest of the trip. Oh well, it was still warm and not snow, so I can’t complain 😛 Now I’m just counting down the days until I get to go back! Christmas is right around the corner, right? 😉

I just wanted to get a little recap of my trip on the blog because it forces me to actually take pictures! For a photographer I’m pretty awful about making sure to take photos on vacation, especially with a real camera and not just a smartphone haha! I’m not the only one guilty of that, right?!

The two styled shoots will make it to the blog soon here, too, so keep an eye out! 🙂

California-Trip-01California-Trip-02 California-Trip-03 California-Trip-04 California-Trip-05 California-Trip-06 California-Trip-07 California-Trip-08 California-Trip-09 California-Trip-10 California-Trip-11 California-Trip-12 California-Trip-13 California-Trip-14 California-Trip-15 California-Trip-16 California-Trip-17 California-Trip-18 California-Trip-19 California-Trip-20 California-Trip-21 California-Trip-22 California-Trip-23 California-Trip-24 California-Trip-25 California-Trip-26 California-Trip-27 California-Trip-28 California-Trip-29 California-Trip-30 California-Trip-31 California-Trip-32 California-Trip-33 California-Trip-34 California-Trip-35 California-Trip-36 California-Trip-37 California-Trip-38 California-Trip-39 California-Trip-40 California-Trip-41 California-Trip-42 California-Trip-43 California-Trip-44 California-Trip-45 California-Trip-46 California-Trip-47 California-Trip-48 California-Trip-49 California-Trip-50 California-Trip-51 California-Trip-52 California-Trip-53 California-Trip-54


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