Caroline + Wyatt | Newborns


Caroline and Wyatt are just the sweetest little things ever! You may remember their mama’s maternity session at Jeffrey Mansion back in January – click HERE to check out that blog post if you don’t! Mylene e-mailed me the night before I headed out to California to tell me that their twins had arrived!! I was so excited and made plans for their in home, lifestyle session for as soon as I got back! Mylene and Kevin welcomed me into their home and I just love shooting sessions like these in the space where these babies are loved and cared for! It’s just so personal and sweet, and I think they make for such treasured photos and memories! Wyatt was such a perfect model – so sleepy and content – and Caroline was just so excited about the new world around her that she just didn’t want to miss out on anything! There were a few moments, even when she was starting to maybe fall asleep, that she would leave one Popeye eye open ha! We all got a few good laughs out of that! Caroline + Wyatt, you are already so loved and so adored!

Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-01Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-02 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-03 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-04 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-05 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-06 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-07 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-08 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-09 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-10 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-11 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-12 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-12-1 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-13 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-14 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-15 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-16 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-17 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-18 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-19 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-20 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-21 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-22 Caroline-Wyatt-Newborn-Twins-23

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