Spring Blooms | Styled Couple Shoot


Any one else feel spring in the air already? I have trees budding in my front yard and I’ve seen full, pink blooming trees around town – I definitely feel like I’ve caught a bit of spring fever! I can believe how early Β it seems to be coming this year, but I’m definitely not complaining haha! I shot this session while out in California at the beginning of the month – and I’d just like to thank my gorgeous best friend and her boyfriend for always being willing to hop in front of my camera when I’m out there! I wanted something very soft, and romantic and couldn’t get the idea of a pink maxi skirt out of my head – so that’s what we did! I loved being able to style Lauren and Anthony completely, it definitely helped bring my vision to life! I picked the ranunculus and eucalyptus up at my hometown farmer’s market the day before the shoot and kind of DIY-ed a bouquet out of them! Funny story – my dad is terribly allergic to eucalyptus, so the flowers had to stay in a bucket of water on the front porch overnight haha! I loved the soft ribbon tied around it, too. It picked up the breeze so nicely πŸ™‚ This was one of those shoots where it goes just about as well as you planned in your head and oh, those are just the best shoots! I’m in love with all the colors, soft fabrics, and that gorgeous morning light! πŸ™‚ Probably one of my favorite sessions to date and it just has me so excited for all the spring shoots coming up here in Ohio! It’s like I get two springs this year! πŸ™‚

Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-09Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-01 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-02 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-03 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-04 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-05 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-06 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-07 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-08 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-10 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-11 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-12 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-13 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-14 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-15 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-16 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-17 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-18 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-19 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-20 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-21 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-22 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-23 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-24 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-25 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-26 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-27 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-28 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-29 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-30 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-31 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-32 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-33 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-34 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-35 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-36 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-37 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-38 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-39 Spring-Blooms-Styled-Shoot-40

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  1. All of these are so beautiful!!! LOVE the way you capture such a romantic light and color!!! You are so talented!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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