Sutro Baths | Styled Shoot


When we made plans to head out to California in March, I knew I needed to get some shoots planned right away. Pretty sure there’s no place as gorgeous as Northern California, and I have a gorgeous best friend, so I figured – why not?! We originally had just planned to do a shoot in our hometown, but when I came across this location in San Francisco, I knew I had to shoot here. Sutro Baths used to be a private, salt water pool complex in the late 1800s, but today it sits in gorgeous ruins right on the coast. (The history about it as actually pretty cool if you’re a history nerd like me haha – you can read more about it HERE if you’re interested!) It just has such a cool vibe to it – it’s really hard to explain, but I could just photograph there all day. We had a drizzly, overcast day, but it made for the most gorgeous, muted tones and I just loved it! I wanted a very feminine feel to this shoot – soft and romantic – and we really played that up in the wardrobe department. The lace top with the dainty eyelash lace sleeves was to die for. And that soft blue maxi?! I just loved the way it picked up the breeze and complimented the ocean tones so well! The location itself gave the shoot just a little bit of edge, just enough to balance out all the soft, feminine details.I’m all up for shooting here any and every time I’m home – wouldn’t it be gorgeous for an engagement session?! Hint hint, engaged or soon-to-be-engaged friends 😉

Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-01 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-03 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-04 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-05 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-06 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-07 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-08 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-09 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-10 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-11 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-12 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-13 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-14 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-15 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-16 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-17 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-18 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-19 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-20 Sutro-Baths-Styled-Shoot-21


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