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Can we just take a second to talk about this gorgeous weather we’ve finally been having!? We had to postpone the Simmons’ shoot due to SNOW a couple weekends ago. SNOW. In April. I’m so glad all that’s over! We had such a perfect evening strolling through German Village and Schiller Park! Tabatha contacted me about wanting to get six month photos for her son, Bryce and man oh man was he one precious little guy! He was just so happy (until he started getting sleepy – then it was all about that thumb haha!) and his gummy little smile just melts my heart! His big sister, Aubrey, was a little chatter box and filled me in on all of her life’s details – all about her pets, where she lives, how old she is – I think it’s safe to say we’re basically best friends now 😛 And she loves her “best brother” unless he has a slobbery hand. Then not so much haha. I loved spending the evening with such a sweet (and cute!) family!

Simmons-Family-01 Simmons-Family-02 Simmons-Family-03 Simmons-Family-04 Simmons-Family-05 Simmons-Family-06 Simmons-Family-07 Simmons-Family-08 Simmons-Family-09 Simmons-Family-10 Simmons-Family-11 Simmons-Family-12 Simmons-Family-13 Simmons-Family-14 Simmons-Family-15 Simmons-Family16 Simmons-Family--17

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