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One of my new goals is to have a photoshoot done in each place we travel to together. It’s just so hard to get good photos of the two of us when we’re travelling together, but I want to be able to fill our home with all the wonderful places we’ve been! (And believe me, South Carolina is one of the most wonderful places I’ve been. All my lovely instagram followers can probably vouch for my new found obsession… Sorry haha.) It also allows me to get to meet some really sweet photographers and make friendships in the business all across the country! We photo swapped with Jen of JB Marie Photography, and her husband Jeramie, while we were in Hilton Head earlier this month and I’ll be forever thankful we were able to do that! I’m so grateful I got to meet Jen and form a friendship that makes me just so excited to go back to Hilton Head and see her again. And she does some pretty gorgeous work, so I’m so glad that we were able to have her talented little self take our photos! 🙂 Here are some of my favorites from our session, and if you want to check out the shoot I did for Jen + Jeramie’s anniversary, click here 🙂 Thanks so much Jen! I love these and I love you haha!

Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-01 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-02 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-03 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-04 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-05 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-06 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-07 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-08 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-09 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-10 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-11 Hilton-Head-Travel-Shoot-12

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