Jen + Jeramie | Anniversary


The excitement I have for this blog post is through the roof! We’ve got an anniversary session (read this to see why I love them SO MUCH), Spanish moss, a pretty maxi dress, striped t-shirts (stripes are my love language), the cutest of the cutes couple… what more could you ask for?!! Ben + I did a photo swap with Jen + Jeramie (and their sweet pup, Chance!) while we were in South Carolina this week, and it just happened that these two celebrated their three year anniversary just a couple weeks before! 🙂 They’re high school sweethearts (!!!!!) and recently moved from the Atlanta area to Hilton Head and were so excited to have portraits taken in their new town. Can you blame them?! It’s gorgeous! We got to shoot in lots of Spanish moss and caught the tail end of a gorgeous sunset on the beach – it was just all sorts of perfect. Super jealous that Jen gets to shoot in these settings all the time, haha! These two are the sweetest couple and I’m so glad we got to meet and spend an evening with them! 🙂

PS, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m just dying to see the photos she took for us, too!

PPS, it’s Jen’s birthday!! Hope your day was fantastic, girl! 🙂

Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-00 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-01 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-02 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-03 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-04 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-05 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-06 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-07 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-08 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-09 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-10 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-11 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-12 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-13 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-14 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-15 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-16 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-17 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-18 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-19 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-20 Jen-Jeramie-Anniversary-21

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