Jenn + Graham | Engagement


Oh I LOVED spending the evening with Jenn + Graham! They’re just the sweetest couple and should probably be models. Seriously. We shot their engagement session at Quail Hollow State Park in Hartville, which was a little bit of a hike, but so worth it! The manor house stood in for all my southern architecture needs now that I’ve been in South Carolina, and the grounds were just gorgeous! Jenn + Graham are high school sweethearts (I’m completely loving all these long time love birds I’ve been shooting lately!) and are getting hitched this June! I was so happy we had a chance to get an engagement session in for them, I love that it gives me a chance to meet my future bride + groom’s and for us to nail down posing and get really comfortable with each other! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no doubt that they’re going to have some swoon-worthy wedding photos, haha!ย Can’t wait to spend their big day with them so so soon! ๐Ÿ™‚Jenn-Graham-Engagement-01 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-02 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-03 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-04 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-05 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-06 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-07 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-08 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-09 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-10 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-11 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-12 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-13 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-14 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-15 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-16 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-17 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-18 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-19 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-20 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-21 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-22 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-23 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-24 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-25 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-26 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-27 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-28 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-29 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-30 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-31 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-32 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-33 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-34 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-35 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-36 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-37 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-38 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-39 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-40 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-41 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-42 Jenn-Graham-Engagement-43


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