Ashley + Patrick | Engagement


Oh, this sunshine was so welcomed! Ashley + Patrick had a perfect evening for their engagement session in the Short North and Victorian Village! I met Ashley + Patrick for the first time after Ben + I walked into church a few minutes late haha! I’d already booked their wedding date and had been e-mailing Ashley back and forth about their upcoming engagement session and it was just a fun coincidence that she recognized me when we turned to greet the people around us! Ashley + Patrick met in a restaraunt after an Ohio State basketball game when Patrick decided to go up and talk with Ashley + her friend. Ashley said she thought about him a lot after that night, but nothing happened of it. Later, a friend from church told Ashley she had the PERFECT guy to set her up with – he was so nice, also a member of her church, and she could see them being so great together. When Ashley finally met this guy, it was none other than Patrick – and the rest is history. Stinkin’ cutest “how’d you meet?” story ever! I loved spending the evening with these two and getting to know them! They’re such a sweet and GORGEOUS couple – they made my job so easy haha! We started their session at Arch City Tavern – one of their favorite date night spots, then wandered around the Short North, Victorian Village, and finished the night with a gorgeous sunset at Goodale Park. Ashley + Patrick, I’m so excited to be your wedding photographer and CAN’T WAIT for your August wedding! 🙂

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