Emily + Jeff | Engagement


Oh these two are just so fun! I’ve known Emily for a couple years now and lead Bible study with her during my last year at Ohio State! I loved finally getting to meet Jeff after hearing so much about him, and I’m so excited that these two are getting to tie the knot next summer! 🙂 Emily + Jeff’s session was so fun and laid back – the two were so giggly and fun to be around! It was nice being able to catch up with Emily and to see just how in love these two are! Seriously, they’re so giddy once they’re looking at each other. It was so cute! I already can’t wait to photograph them again on their big day!! 🙂

Emily-Jeff-Engagement-02 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-03 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-04 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-05 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-06 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-07 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-08 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-09 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-10 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-11 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-12 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-13 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-14 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-15 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-16 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-17 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-18 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-19 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-20 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-21 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-22 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-23 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-24 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-25 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-26 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-27 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-28 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-29 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-30 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-31 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-32 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-33 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-34 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-35 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-36 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-37 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-38 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-39 Emily-Jeff-Engagement-40



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