Sarah + Nate | A Magical, Brookshire Wedding


No detail was overlooked for this gorgeous, magical, and romantic Brookshire wedding last weekend!

Oh I just LOVED Sarah + Nate’s wedding! This was my first time shooting a wedding at Brookshire and oh my it was GORGEOUS. I loved it from the moment we drove up haha! It was so romantic and fit for Sarah + Nate’s day perfectly. I loved all of the odes to Disney throughout their day, from their subtle Disney decor like books and teacups to their first dance to “Tale as Old As Time” from Beauty & The Beast! Oh, and how could I forget the cutest Gaston ring bearer + Belle flower girl ever!? Just wait until you see those photos – so stinkin’ cute! Sarah + Nate played Disney songs throughout dinner and I was in heaven! Pretty sure I sang through the entire thing (sorry Ben haha)! Ohio weather has been so finicky lately and last minute their ceremony was moved indoors, but it didn’t put a damper on anyone’s day! It cleared back up for portraits and I’m so glad because the grounds of Brookside were just beautiful.

Sarah + Nate, we loved being a part of your day and hope you’re loving being the new Mr. + Mrs. Sayre! 🙂

Sarah-Nate-Wedding-01 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-02 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-03 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-04 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-05 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-06 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-07 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-08 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-09 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-10 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-11 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-12 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-13 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-14 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-15 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-16 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-17 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-18 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-19 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-20 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-21 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-22 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-23 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-24 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-25 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-26 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-27 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-28 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-29 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-30 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-31 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-32 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-33 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-34 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-35 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-36 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-37 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-38 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-39 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-40 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-41 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-42 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-43 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-44 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-45 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-46 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-47 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-48 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-49 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-50 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-51 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-52 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-53 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-54 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-55 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-56 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-57 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-58 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-59 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-60 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-61 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-62 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-63 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-64 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-65 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-66 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-67 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-68 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-69 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-70 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-71 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-72 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-73 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-74 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-75 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-76 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-77 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-78 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-79Sarah-Nate-Wedding-95 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-96 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-97 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-98 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-99 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-100 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-101 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-102 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-103 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-104 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-105 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-106 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-107 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-108Sarah-Nate-Wedding-80 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-81 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-82 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-83 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-84 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-85 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-86 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-87 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-88 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-89 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-90 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-91 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-92 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-93 Sarah-Nate-Wedding-94

“Tale as old as time, tune as old as song…”

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