Sarnowski | Family


Oh, the Sarnowski’s were just the sweetest family! I loved meeting them and that they brought their dog, Toby, along! I’m a sucker for pets in family photos! I loved shooting at this location – so much tall grass!! It unfortunately didn’t take us long to realize that ticks were out in full force at the park though, so we got out of that tall grass pretty fast! Luckily the rest of the park was just as gorgeous, so my tall grass loving heart was still satisfied haha! I just loved spending the evening with this sweet family, and if those giggly shots at the end don’t make you crack a smile, I don’t know what will! 🙂

Sarnowski-Family-01 Sarnowski-Family-02 Sarnowski-Family-03 Sarnowski-Family-04 Sarnowski-Family-05 Sarnowski-Family-06 Sarnowski-Family-07 Sarnowski-Family-08 Sarnowski-Family-09 Sarnowski-Family-10 Sarnowski-Family-11 Sarnowski-Family-12

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