Tracie + Matt | Engagement


Oh I loved getting to hang out in German Village with Tracie + Matt last week! πŸ™‚ We had the perfect evening – well, it was a little toasty, but it made for some pretty, evening light! πŸ™‚ German Village is one of my favorite spots in Columbus, so I always get really excited when I get to shoot a session there. We wandered around all the cute side streets and alleys, took a stroll through Schiller Park, and even stopped for a Jeni’s break πŸ™‚ Tracie + Matt are both such sweet, kind people and I had a blast photographing them! At the beginning of their session, theyΒ mentioned that they weren’t good at serious faces, so we avoided it for a while. I eventually asked them to try for me and I’m never believing anything they tell me ever again because they were PROS. On the very first try. Seriously. But their laughing faces are just as gorgeous πŸ™‚ Oh, these two were just too fun! I can’t wait for their wedding at Bryn Du Mansion later this year! πŸ™‚

Tracie-Matt-Engagement-01 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-02 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-03 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-04 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-05 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-06 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-07 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-08 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-09 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-10 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-11 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-12 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-13 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-14 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-15 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-16 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-17 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-18 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-19 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-20 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-21 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-22 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-23 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-24 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-25 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-26 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-27 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-28 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-29 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-30 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-31 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-33 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-34 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-35 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-36 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-37 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-38 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-39 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-40 Tracie-Matt-Engagement-41

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