Bri + Dustin | Engagement


Oh, this session was just too fun! I shot Bri + Dustin’s session at Blendon Woods Metro Park, which I hadn’t been to for a while, so it was a fun change of scenery for me! I absolutely loved hanging out with the two of them and getting to know them better! Dustin just got back from Kuwait, where he was stationed with the Air Force, and you could just feel how excited they were to finally be around each other again. The two were the most perfect snugglers and I just let them snuggle up as much as they wanted 🙂 It made my job so easy and I loved the natural way the two interact with each other. We finished up the session with Dustin in uniform and with a pretty, sunlit American flag and if you know anything about my love for all things America, you know I was in heaven. Add it with the tall grass and it’s like a dream come true. I’m already so excited for their wedding next April! 🙂

Bri-Dustin-Engagement-01 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-02 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-03 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-04 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-05 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-06 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-07 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-08 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-09 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-10 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-11 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-12 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-13 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-14 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-15 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-16 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-17 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-18 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-19 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-20 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-21 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-22 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-23 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-24 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-25 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-26 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-27 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-28 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-29 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-30 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-31 Bri-Dustin-Engagement-32

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