Jena + TJ | A Romantic, Rustic Wedding


Can someone please pinch me, because I sometimes have a hard time believing that this is my JOB! Ben + I had so much fun photographing Jena + TJ’s wedding! The two are so kind, so in love, and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple to work with!

I met TJ + Jena last fall when they contacted me about engagement photos – and I had been excited for their wedding day ever since! The two had such a gorgeous day – perfect weather, an awesome sunset, simple details, and such a pretty venue to host it all in! I was seriously swooning over all the pretty. Also, can we talk about how gorgeous of a bride Jena was?! Like seriously, I’m pretty sure she was just made to be a bride. I loved the groomsmen’s attire with the gingham shirts – so unique and I’m hoping that’s a trend that catches on! The two were married and celebrated the night away at The Old Blue Rooster, The Barn in Lithopolis, Ohio. The Barn is a new part of their venue, and Jena + TJ were some of the first couples to tie the knot there! The venue was gorgeous and the staff was so great. After dinner and dancing, Jena + TJ and I snuck away for some sunset photos and they turned out so romantic!! They had a pretty cloudy, cold day for their engagement session last fall, so I’d been praying they’d have some pretty sun on their wedding day, so I was so so happy that it worked out!

Jena + TJ, I absolutely loved spending your big day with you and being your photographer! Sweet folks like you are the reason I love doing what I do. I hope the Bahamas are treating you so so well (aka, no rain haha) and that you’re LOVING being Mr. + Mrs. Helbling! 🙂

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“Oh, if all I’ve got is your hand in my hand, baby I could die a happy man”

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