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I crossed another city off my bucket list this week – Nashville! My family has been out visiting from California, and we made a little trip down to Tennessee earlier this week so that my sister, McKenna, could visit some colleges in the area. She’s going to be a senior this year, so we had a mini senior session while we were down there too, and that’ll be hitting the blog soon! It’s only about a six hour drive from Columbus – I can’t believe I hadn’t taken the trip sooner, but I’ll definitely be back! I fell in love with all the cute little cafes and shops – everything has such awesome branding, it’s amazing! I just wanted to take pictures of everything! I loved the old, vintage style throughout the city and really fell in love with 12 South, including that awesome Draper James wall. Stripes for days and I loved it! We found Amelia’s Flower Truck one day and it totally made my trip! I’ve been following them on instagram for a while now, so when I saw that they were going to be out and about while we were in town, I had to make a stop! I got a sweet little bouquet and it’s currently sitting pretty in my living room and making the trip feel like it’s lasting a little bit longer! We ate at Pharmacy Burger one night and oh my gosh was it delicious! I actually don’t eat burgers, but the rest of my family agreed that they were amazing. I got their chicken tenders (off the kids menu – don’t judge me) and they had the most unique, smoky flavor. Ahhhh, they were awesome. Cassidy and I walked around the Gulch while McKenna and our parents were doing college tours, and we found the cutest little coffee shop – Bond Coffee, where we actually got ice cream instead of coffee and had no regrets.

I’m playing a little bit of catch up with work now, but it was so worth it! Nashville, your character was so unique and American and I just loved it. (Already planning when I can make it back!)

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