Abe Jackson | Puppy


I met Hannah + Trey last winter when they came out for my Christmas mini-sessions! I’ve loved them to pieces ever since and when Hannah contacted me about doing a “newborn” session with her and Trey’s new puppy, I was 100% on board. She sent me photos and updates on fluffy, little Abe Jackson for the month or so up until the shoot and his sweet face just melted my heart! It took so much self control to not try to figure out a way to smuggle him home from the photo session… he’s even more adorable in person, guys. We snuck in a few photos of just Hannah + Trey at the end of the session, too 🙂 There’s just so much cuteness shoved into one little blog post!! 🙂

Abe-Jackson-Puppy-01 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-02 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-03 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-04 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-05 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-06 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-07 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-08 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-09 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-10 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-11 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-12 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-13 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-14 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-15 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-16 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-17 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-18 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-19 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-20 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-21 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-22 Abe-Jackson-Puppy-23

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