Anna + Josiah | Anniversary


Ahhh, anniversary sessions are just my favorite! I could go on a whole tangent about why I love them so much, but I already kinda have haha (read more here!), so I’ll spare you again 😉 Anna is a fellow wedding photographer, and I just love her to death! She’s super talented, super sweet, and our styles are so so similar, so she’s a photographer I often refer to brides that I can’t take due to date conflicts! I loved shooting this anniversary session for her and her husband, Josiah, last week! The two celebrated two years of marriage earlier this summer and they were just too cute in front of the camera! I really love anniversary sessions because you can just sense how comfortable a couple has gotten with each other over the years and it’s just in their nature to snuggle and giggle when they’re close with each other. I just love it! The two killed it in the wardrobe department – a nice button up and pretty maxi dress is my weakness, guys. The session turned out so classic, romantic, and sweet and I couldn’t have loved spending the evening with them more. Ok, I could ramble forever about this shoot, but I’ll just let you get to the photos already ha!

Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-01 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-02 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-03 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-04 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-05 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-06 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-07 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-08 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-09 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-10 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-11 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-12 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-13 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-14 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-15 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-16 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-17 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-18 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-19 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-20 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-21 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-22 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-23 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-24 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-25 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-26 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-27 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-28 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-29 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-30 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-31 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-32 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-33 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-34 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-35 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-36 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-37 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-38 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-39 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-40 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-41 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-42 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-43 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-44 Anna-Josiah-Anniversary-45

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