Blaire | Three Months


Oh, sweet Blaire is so so SO loved. While editing this session, a bible verse kept popping into my head:

For this child I have prayed, and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart. | 1 Samuel 1:27

Jess + Chris struggled with infertility, and sweet Blaire was such an answered prayer for them. In Blaire’s nursery, Jess has a bulliten board full of inspirational quotes that got her through that tough time,¬†and right below it hangs a onesie made by a friend that says “finally”. Blaire wore that onesie for her session and it’s just so clear how sweet that word is to Jess + Chris. They just adore Blaire and I loved getting to do an in-home, lifestyle session where I could document all that love and adoration! (Also, this girl has the cutest nursery EVER, so naturally we had to shoot in there!)

Blaire-Three-Months-01 Blaire-Three-Months-02 Blaire-Three-Months-03 Blaire-Three-Months-04 Blaire-Three-Months-05 Blaire-Three-Months-06 Blaire-Three-Months-06-1 Blaire-Three-Months-07 Blaire-Three-Months-08 Blaire-Three-Months-09 Blaire-Three-Months-10 Blaire-Three-Months-11 Blaire-Three-Months-12 Blaire-Three-Months-13 Blaire-Three-Months-14 Blaire-Three-Months-15 Blaire-Three-Months-16 Blaire-Three-Months-17 Blaire-Three-Months-18 Blaire-Three-Months-19 Blaire-Three-Months-20 Blaire-Three-Months-21

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