Cathy + Reese | Mother + Daughter


This is one of my favorite Mother-Daughter duos ever!! I’ve been photographing Cathy + Reese since Reese was just five years old! She’s turning 11 this year and I’m in denial. Feeling old over here today, guys. Isn’t she just the most photogenic thing you ever did see?? She’s always been such a little model and I hope I’ll get to take her senior photos years and years from now because I already know she’s going to nail it! I loved spending the evening at Highbanks with these two avoiding Pokemon Go players (they seriously took over the entire park haha!), bonding over our love for rescue pups, and chasing pretty sunlight around the park! 🙂 PS, narrowing down favorites from this session was so hard and I don’t think I was too successful at it hahaha!

Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-01 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-02 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-03 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-04 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-05 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-06 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-07 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-08 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-09 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-10 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-11 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-12 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-13 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-14 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-15 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-16 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-17 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-18 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-19 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-20 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-21 Cathy-Reese-Mother-Daughter-22

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