Faith + Andy | Engagement


I never blog on Saturdays, but some sessions just can’t wait until Monday to be shared! Faith + Andy’s engagement session was just gorgeous! Faith is a fellow photographer, and I felt so honored when she contacted me to shoot her wedding next June! She suggested shooting the first half of their engagement shoot at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus and oh man, I’m so happy she did! I’m in love with how simplistic and bright all that white stone photographed! And that dress of hers was to die for! We had a somewhat windy day and I was all about all the motion that dress had when it caught the wind just right! We finished up the shoot at Scioto Audubon for more of that nature-y, open field look Faith was also hoping for and I think they turned out just so pretty! I loved spending the evening with Faith + Andy. The two are so sweet and so in love – Faith even joked that she kinda just wanted to go in the statehouse and get married during their session instead of waiting for June haha! And you should just hear the way Andy talks so highly of his fiance. All the sweet words. I loved it. Ahhh, I just can’t wait for this wedding next summer! 🙂

Faith-Andy-Engagement-01Faith-Andy-Engagement-02 Faith-Andy-Engagement-03 Faith-Andy-Engagement-04 Faith-Andy-Engagement-05 Faith-Andy-Engagement-06 Faith-Andy-Engagement-07 Faith-Andy-Engagement-08 Faith-Andy-Engagement-09 Faith-Andy-Engagement-10 Faith-Andy-Engagement-11 Faith-Andy-Engagement-12 Faith-Andy-Engagement-13 Faith-Andy-Engagement-14 Faith-Andy-Engagement-15 Faith-Andy-Engagement-16 Faith-Andy-Engagement-17 Faith-Andy-Engagement-18 Faith-Andy-Engagement-19 Faith-Andy-Engagement-20 Faith-Andy-Engagement-21 Faith-Andy-Engagement-22 Faith-Andy-Engagement-23 Faith-Andy-Engagement-24 Faith-Andy-Engagement-25 Faith-Andy-Engagement-26 Faith-Andy-Engagement-27 Faith-Andy-Engagement-28 Faith-Andy-Engagement-29 Faith-Andy-Engagement-30 Faith-Andy-Engagement-31 Faith-Andy-Engagement-32 Faith-Andy-Engagement-33 Faith-Andy-Engagement-34 Faith-Andy-Engagement-35 Faith-Andy-Engagement-36 Faith-Andy-Engagement-37 Faith-Andy-Engagement-38

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