We’re Homeowners!!


It still feels so crazy to say that! Ben + I had been house hunting since February and finally found this one back in June! We saw it the day it went on the market and put an offer in that day. We just fell completely head over heels in love with it! It’s the cutest little 1920s house with so much original and restored charm and character, which we both really really love. The house search was exhausting, disappointing at times, and felt like we’d never find something, but when we walked inside this guy, we knew it was the one and we were so happy we didn’t settle for anything else. We’ve been busy painting and planning up all sorts of things we want to do to the house to make it “ours” and I can’t wait to post progress as we go along (#brickbybricker on instagram)! Here are some “before” photos that we took the day we closed and got our keys! Currently there’s boxes everywhere, green tape all along baseboards and doorways to get ready for more painting, and little color swatches in almost every room. We feel so fortunate to be able to say that we’re homeowners at 24 and 25 and are so excited to make all sorts of memories in our first house together! 🙂

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