Katie + Adam | Engagement


I say this every time, but I really do think this may be my favorite session ever. Grassy fields, cute puppies, a sweet couple, and a section of Lake Erie that gave off all of the California vibes made for one perfect evening! I met Katie + Adam up in their small town of Bay Village, Ohio a couple weekends ago, and we had the most gorgeous fall day for an engagement session! It was about 80 degrees, sunny, and just the perfect amount of breezy on the beach. Driving in, I fell in love with the quaint, cuteness of the town and already want to go back haha! I loved meeting Katie + Adam’s sweet pups, Margo + Gus, too! Katie said they even pose for the camera because she takes pictures of them all the time, and they totally did haha! Aren’t they just the cutest?! I just loved them 🙂 After a few pictures with their fur babies, we spent the rest of the session with just Katie + Adam. I loved getting to know these two and they were just way too fun to photograph. They made my job so easy! By the time we got to the beach, they were snuggling naturally and nuzzling up without any prompting. I loved just shooting away and getting to capture their natural interactions! Also, can we just talk about how perfect each wardfobe change they had was?? Maxi dresses are my favorite wardrobe piece to photograph, and when you have flutter sleeves and a beach with a breeze, it’s just the prettiest thing ever! Between all the movement in the water, Katie’s dress, and her perfect Lauren Conrad, beachy hair – it ended up being such a romantic feeling session. Ahhh, I could just go on and on, but I’ll spare you haha! Can’t even wait to hang out with these two again for their July, lake-front wedding next summer! 🙂

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