Kelsey + Joshua | Engagement


This engagement session was just a dream! Kelsey + Joshua met me in Mansfield at Kingwood Center Gardens and it was seriously SO beautiful. I’d never shot there before, but I’d be more than happy to go back. I fell in LOVE with the cacti-filled greenhouse – Kelsey’s blush maxi skirt complemented all the desert tones so well! I felt like we moved through seasons as the session went along haha; we started in the desert greenhouse which had such a summery feel, moved to the rose gardens outside (and stepped back into spring), did an outfit change and found ourselves in fall, and a final outfit change with pine trees and Christmas lights made for such winter vibes! I seriously loved the variety of locations we got all in one place – the manor itself was gorgeous and the grounds were beautiful no matter which way you turned. I had a blast photographing these two – they snuggle up so well and just start giggling as soon as they’re cuddled up close and I just loved it. So many genuine moments thoughout the whole session 🙂 Kelsey + Joshua, thanks for trusting me with this new location and I already can’t wait for your wedding next summer!! 🙂

kelsey-joshua-engagement_0001 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0002 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0003 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0004 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0005 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0006 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0007 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0008 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0009 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0010 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0011 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0012 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0013 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0014 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0015 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0016 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0017 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0018 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0019 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0020 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0021 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0022 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0023 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0024 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0025 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0026 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0027 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0028 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0029 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0030 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0031 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0032 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0033 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0034 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0035 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0036 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0037 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0038 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0039 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0040 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0041 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0042 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0043 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0044 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0045 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0046 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0047 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0048 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0049 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0050 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0051 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0052 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0054kelsey-joshua-engagement_0053kelsey-joshua-engagement_0055 kelsey-joshua-engagement_0056

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