Shelbie | River View Senior ’17


Oh my gosh, Shelbie was just a girl after my own heart! She contacted me because she loved that bright, airy feel – and when she told me she wanted to do her senior session in an open field, I was ALL about it. We found a field FULL of wildflowers and it felt like the perfect goodbye to summer (seriously, you’d never know it was mid-October when we shot this session – what is this glorious weather?!) I loved getting to know this sweet girl and hear about some of her plans for after graduation. We chased that sun until it went down and got some gorgeous photos out of it all. Shelbie, you’re so gorgeous and your smile is just contagious – I’m in love with all those giggly shots haha! Can’t wait for your next session in the spring! 🙂

shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0001 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0002 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0003 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0004 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0005 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0006 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0007 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0008 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0009 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0010 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0011 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0012 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0013 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0014 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0015 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0016 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0017 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0018 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0019 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0020 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0021 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0022 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0023 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0024 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0025 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0026 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0027 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0028 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0029 shelbie-senior-river-view-2017_0030

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