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I got to hang out with the Simmons family again this past weekend – but this time it was for BIRTHDAYS! 🙂 Bryce was celebrating his first birthday and Aubrey her fourth! 🙂 We met at Innis Wood on Saturday and man oh man was it photographer central! Fall gets super crazy with sessions – everyone wants that small sliver of time when the leaves are changing and it was so fun to see all the other photographers out there doing their thing. We finished their session with a cake smash for Bryce – it was hilarious. He had absolutely no hesitation and dug into that cake with no regrets after that first bite!! Frosting was everywhere and I wish it were socially acceptable for us all to eat cake in a way that shows how we truly feel about it haha! But seriously, make sure you scroll all the way to the end, because those cake shots are priceless 😛

simmons-family-fall-0001 simmons-family-fall-0002 simmons-family-fall-0003 simmons-family-fall-0004 simmons-family-fall-0005 simmons-family-fall-0006 simmons-family-fall-0007 simmons-family-fall-0008 simmons-family-fall-0009 simmons-family-fall-0010 simmons-family-fall-0011 simmons-family-fall-0012 simmons-family-fall-0013 simmons-family-fall-0014 simmons-family-fall-0015 simmons-family-fall-0016 simmons-family-fall-0017 simmons-family-fall-0018 simmons-family-fall-0019

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