Gina + Geno | Anniversary


Oh, I just loved getting to know these two! 🙂 Gina is a fellow photographer and I was so ecstatic when she contacted me about taking photos of her and her husband earlier this month! This shoot wasn’t technically an anniversary session as the title suggests, but for the sake of my OCD organizational needs, that’s what it got titled haha. Gina said she normally sets up a tripod for their annual Christmas photo, but wanted to have an actual session this year after having way too many “I wish I had a photo like this of me and my husband” moments at her own photo sessions! Photographers need professional photos too 🙂 We explored the F.A. Sieberling Nature Realm in Fairlawn and I’m pretty sure we barely made a dent in it! I’d love to go back and explore it some more – I’m sure its gorgeous through all the seasons. These two are the best snugglers guys. I had them get all snuggle-y through this entire session and they nailed it every single time. We shot until we had no light left and it was so worth it! I love the shots at the end of this session with them in the tall grass (if you’ve been following along for a while you probably rolled your eyes a little and said WE KNOW at the top of your lungs.) I can’t help it guys, tall grass will just always be my jam. I loved loved loved these two and had such a fun time with them. Thankful for our little creative community and that it lets me meet such sweet people like Gina! Ok, enough of my ranting! You may proceed to scrolling 🙂

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