Madison | River View Senior ’17 | Autumn Session


I got to hang out with this sweet senior again a few weeks ago for her fall senior session! I just love the time I get to hang out with and photograph Madison – she’s such a sweetheart and just so cute! We wandered around Roscoe Village in Coshocton on a 70 degree, late October morning and it was just fantastic! I love all the cute store fronts and old buildings, and there’s just something about brick sidewalks that I’ll never get tired of. It felt like a mini-German Village! Loved hanging out with you, Madison! 🙂 Can’t wait for your winter session soon! (Well, can’t wait to hang out again – winter can take its sweet time though haha!)

madison-senior-fall_0001 madison-senior-fall_0002 madison-senior-fall_0003 madison-senior-fall_0004 madison-senior-fall_0005 madison-senior-fall_0006 madison-senior-fall_0007 madison-senior-fall_0008 madison-senior-fall_0009 madison-senior-fall_0010 madison-senior-fall_0011 madison-senior-fall_0012 madison-senior-fall_0013 madison-senior-fall_0014 madison-senior-fall_0015 madison-senior-fall_0016 madison-senior-fall_0017 madison-senior-fall_0019 madison-senior-fall_0020 madison-senior-fall_0021 madison-senior-fall_0022 madison-senior-fall_0023 madison-senior-fall_0024 madison-senior-fall_0025 madison-senior-fall_0026 madison-senior-fall_0027 madison-senior-fall_0028 madison-senior-fall_0029 madison-senior-fall_0030 madison-senior-fall_0031 madison-senior-fall_0032 madison-senior-fall_0033 madison-senior-fall_0034 madison-senior-fall_0035 madison-senior-fall_0036 madison-senior-fall_0037 madison-senior-fall_0038 madison-senior-fall_0039

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