Hannah + Trey | In-Home Christmas


Oh my gosh, this in-home session was just the cutest! Hannah wanted to get some sweet Christmas photos for their puppy Abe’s first Christmas and I was 100% on board for the idea! Ben and I drove up to Cleveland to meet Hannah + Trey at their cute (understatement – let’s try, adorable and perfectly decorated) little apartment! We shot most of their session while they cuddled up with each other and their sweet pup by the light of the Christmas tree. Abe got his own little photo session too when we dressed him up in all the cute Christmas outfits. (He has an elf outfit not pictured that’s kinda the stinkin’ cutest thing ever.) After we finished inside, we headed out to a nearby outdoor mall that was covered in Christmas lights and so festive! We shot just a few snapshots there before all heading out for dinner! I love when clients become friends 🙂 We had the best time with these three and can’t wait for even more photos and fun with them in the future! 🙂

hannah-trey-christmas_0001 hannah-trey-christmas_0002 hannah-trey-christmas_0003 hannah-trey-christmas_0004 hannah-trey-christmas_0005 hannah-trey-christmas_0006 hannah-trey-christmas_0007 hannah-trey-christmas_0008 hannah-trey-christmas_0009 hannah-trey-christmas_0010 hannah-trey-christmas_0011 hannah-trey-christmas_0012 hannah-trey-christmas_0013 hannah-trey-christmas_0014 hannah-trey-christmas_0015 hannah-trey-christmas_0016 hannah-trey-christmas_0017 hannah-trey-christmas_0018 hannah-trey-christmas_0019 hannah-trey-christmas_0020 hannah-trey-christmas_0021 hannah-trey-christmas_0022 hannah-trey-christmas_0023 hannah-trey-christmas_0024

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