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Oh, looking through all these photos has me wondering why the heck I came back to dreary Ohio! Haha – I mean, Ohio – I love ya, but if you could work on making your winters look a little more like this and a little less gray, I wouldn’t be opposed 😉

One thing I love about leaving California, is getting to go back home and see it through fresh eyes. I totally took it for granted growing up, but what I wouldn’t do for 50 degree winters and easy beach access… While this last trip home was much more low-key than some of my previous trips, we did manage to make it to the coast! I needed some ocean views and salt air, that’s for sure. We drove north to Bodega Bay and the Sonoma Coast and good gracious, is that a gorgeous stretch of CA-1! I love exploring new locations and seeing different sides of California than I bothered to do when I still lived there – and this was a gem of a find!

We experienced ALL THE WEATHER that day haha – it started out sunny, got cloudy, got rainy, and the tiniest of sunsets peaked out at the end of the day. It made for some pretty dramatically different photos of the same locations, which was kinda cool! I took my film camera and a little bit of film, which was fun too. It’s not everyday that I’d have such a pretty location to photograph in January, so I definitely wanted to take advantage of it on film as well as my digital. I even passed both cameras off to my sister at one point so she could get a few photos of Ben + I, and I’m pretty impressed! Starting a petition to get her to move to Ohio and be my second second-shooter 😉

California – you’re always so good to us. See you soon 😉

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